Undergraduate students

Exam Projects (updated in February 2024)

If you want to announce available student projects, please contact PlantLink’s coordinator!

Undergraduate students

SLU Alnarp and Lund University offer numerous courses in plant biology at different levels.

Courses at basic level:

Plant-related courses at the basic level are given at the Department of Biology, Lund University. Find the range of courses here .

Bachelor level courses in English at SLU Alnarp:
– Genetics and Plant Breeding
– Hydroponic Systems in Horticultural Production and Public Environment
– Sustainable production Systems in a Global Perspective
– Urban Agriculture and Social Interaction (stadsodling)

Note that some of the courses at basic level are given only in Swedish, see their web pages for details.
More courses at basic level  at SLU Alnarp can be found here.


Courses at advanced level:

Here is an overview of advanced courses related to plant science at SLU Alnarp and time during the semesters when they are given.
Advanced Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources – Alnarp
Applied Plant Biotechnology – Alnarp
Environmental Issues in Crop production – Alnarp
Horticultural Production Physiology– Alnarp
Chemical Ecology for Sustainable Insect Pest Control –Alnarp
Integrated Pest Management in Sustainable Production Systems – Alnarp
Microbial Horticulture – Alnarp
Plant Biology for Breeding and Protection  – Alnarp
Plant Growth and Development – Alnarp
Principles of Crop Physiology –Alnarp
Practical Research Training– Alnarp 
Independet Project in Biology, A2E – Alnarp

At the European level the ESCAPAdE course database is a search tool aiming to help students in applied plant sciences. 

For Plant-related courses at the Advanced level at Lund University, check the webpages for biology and chemistry.  There you will find updated information on current courses. You can also find information about more courses  at SLU Alnarp.

Lund University is also participating in a new two year Nordic Masters Program in Biodiversity and Systematics, NABIS.

The NOVA universities offer MSc and PhD courses in plant breeding and related fields.

Project work or degree project outside academia

If you are interested in project work in molecular plant biology, for shorter applied projects or for a Master’s degree projects, you are welcome to contact any of the research groups tied to Plant Link or the PlantLink’s coordinator.

Do you, or your research group, have a proposal for degree projects or other applied projects and want them to be published here? Please send a short description and contact details to Plant Link’s coordinator.

We also have collaboration with several companies in the region (see the list below for some of them). For internships or projects at any of these companies please contact the PlantLink director for details.
Example of companies and organisations for internships

Nordic Beet Research (NBR)
ScanBi Diagnostic

Does your company want to be added to this list? Please contact Plant Link’s deputy director