PlantLink is founded by Lund University (LU) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and has financial support from both universities. A steering committee, appointed by LU and SLU, meets twice every semester and is jointly responsible for the activities, the budget and allocation of funds.

Protocols (in Swedish) from the steering committee meetings can be found here.

Steering Committee

Thomas Moritz (chair, University of Copenhagen/UPSC)
Jean Yong (SLU)
Erik Andreasson (SLU)
Mariette Andersson (SLU)
Rajni Hatti Kaul (LTH)
Allan Rasmusson (LU)
Leif Bülow (LTH)
Alf Ceplitis (Lantmännen)
Jenny Bergsten (Region Skåne)
Linnea Almqvist Stridh (graduate student representative, SLU)
Gróa Valgerdur Ingimundardottir  (graduate student representative, LU)

Svend Christensen (University of Copenhagen) is a permanent observatory member of the Steering Committee.

Directors and coordinator

Director Erik Alexandersson (SLU), Assistant Director vacant, Coordinator Sofia Marmon (LU/SLU)

Next to the Steering Committee, the director is responsible for the activities at PlantLink. The director is appointed jointly by LU and SLU on a proposal by the Steering Committee.

PlantLink bioinformatician

Between 2012 and 2020 our PlantLink bioinformaticians gave support at both SLU Alnarp and LU.


Andreas Gustavsson Fredlund, SLU, is responsible for the economy