At PlantLink we consider it to be of great importance to implement research results so that they benefit the society. We therefore want to support our researchers’ in bringing their results to the market. It is often hard to find the time and sufficient economic support to go from idea to a complete product. There are several options, for example by patenting, starting a small business or licensing. For example, PlantLink collaborates with Innovationskontor Syd.

Innovationskontor Syd (IKS) is a collaboration between five academic institutions in the Southern region of Sweden: Malmö University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp, Lund University, Kristianstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology. The purpose is to stimulate, simplify and efficiently utilizing research and knowledge from these institutions, thus spreading the benefits to society. IKS aims to create collective work methods and tools, in order to make it easier for all actors in the innovation process to gain access to each other and to stimulate collaboration. Together with IKS PlantLink offer resources such as patenting and legal guidance. IKS also operates a homepage which helps researchers, students, entrepreneurs and industry actors as well as investors navigate the innovation system. IKS has developed three levels of financial aid in order to facilitate the commercialization process.