PlantLink projects

In 2018 the following three projects were supported by PlantLink:

Plant genome duplications and the evolution of plant-insect interactions Magne Friberg LU, Kristina Karlsson-Green SLU, Anna Runemark LU 

Development of a 3D storage-carbon mapping pipeline for Swedish cereal seeds using a multimodal image analysis approach

Mats Hansson LU, Åsa Grimberg/Per Hofvander SLU, Nick Srijovski/Olof Olsson LTH

A molecular & phenotypical characterisation of ‘touch’ responses in cereals

Olivier Van Aken LU, Sung-Yong Kim SLU, Nick Srijovski LTH


In 2014 the following three projects were supported by PlantLink:

Aboveground-effects of volatiles produced by Streptomyces soil bacteria on plants and insects
Paul Becher (SLU), Klas Flärdh( (LU), Allan Rasmusson (LU)

Genetic variation and gene expression analysis of tolerance to infection by Phytophthora infestans in a wild Solanum species
Lars Råberg (LU), Åsa Lankinen (SLU)

Evaluating a multi-scale structural-mechanistic modeling approach of plant protein based materials with interesting properties: tuning structure with functionality
Henrik Jönsson (LU), Ramune Kuktaite (SLU)


In 2013 the following five projects were supported by PlantLink:

Pollinators – how attractive is the colour, odour and shape of clover flowers?
Anna Balkenius (SLU Alnarp), Åsa Lankinen (SLU Alnarp) and Maj Rundlöf (LU)

Unravelling Fusarium-oat interaction mechanisms by proteomics
Fredrik Levander (LU), Salla Marttila (SLU Alnarp), Olof Olsson (CropTailor), Aakash Chawade (LU) and Erik Andreasson (SLU Alnarp)

Insect pheromone production in plants: proof of principle (prolongation of seed money project from 2011)
Christer Löfstedt (LU), Sten Stymne (SLU Alnarp) and Per Hofvander (SLU Alnarp)

Novel mass spectrometrical analyses for the identification of potato pathogens on potato leafs and their targets in the leaf apoplast
Svante Resjö (SLU Alnarp), Staffan Nilsson (LU), Sven Kjellström (LU)

Variability in sugar beet for impact of Trichoderma biocontrol
Susanne Widell (LU), Salla Marttila (SLU Alnarp), Kenneth Fredlund (Syngenta Seeds AB) and Allan Rasmusson (LU)


In 2012 the following five projects were supported by PlantLink:

Towards the ecological meaning of Streptomyces-produced and induced volatiles in plant-insect-microbe interactions
Paul G Becher (SLU) and Klas Flärdh (LU)

Rhizosphere N dynamics and symbiotic activities as influenced by application of biofertilizers
Georg Karlsson(SLU), Pål Axel Olsson (LU) and Stig Edner (SYSAV)

Devising a morphodynamic computational model for hypersensitive response development
Per Mühlenbock (SLU), Erik Andreasson (SLU) and Carl Troein (LU)

Identification of glycerophosphocholine acyltransferase (GPCAT) genes in yeast and plants
Ida Lager (SLU) and Allan Rasmusson (LU)

Vilda växters försvar mot naturliga fiender: Inducerat försvar och miljöeffekter inom och mellan generationer
Åsa Lankinen
 (SLU), Stefan Andersson (LU) and Erik Andreasson (SLU)
In 2011 the following five projects were supported by PlantLink:

Insect pheromone production in plants: proof of principle
Project leader: Christer Löfstedt, LU
Collaborators: Sten Stymne and Per Hofvander, SLU

Plant-Fungus-Insect Interaction
Project leader: Peter Witzgall, SLU
Collaborator: Jure Piskur, LU
This project has resulted in the publication: “This is not an apple”-yeast mutualism in codling moth. Witzgall, P. et al. J Chem Ecol. 2012 Aug;38(8):949-57

Redox restrictions in plant biotic stress responses
Project leader: Allan Rasmusson, LU
Collaborator: Erik Andreasson, SLU

Influence of hemoglobin expression on oil seed qualities
Project leader: Li-Hua Zhu, SLU
Collaborators: Leif Bülow, LU, Thomas Kraft, Syngenta Seeds AB, Olof Olsson and Marcus Bräutigam, Croptailor AB

Enzymatic fractionation of oils from new crops
Project leader: Patrick Adlercreutz, LU
Collaborators: Sten Stymne and Li-Hua Zhu, SLU