PlantLink News February

This PlantLink Newsletter contains a lot of upcoming activities. Get your calenders out and mark the dates for webinars, online meetings and a PhD-defense! We also give an update on the latest plans for PlantLink, and present the new PlantLink motto.


Newsletter content

  1. PlantLink’s new motto
  2. PlantLink 10 years!
  3. PlantLink Teacher exchange
  4. Coming up – network presentations
  5. Workshop remote sensing and plant phenotyping 10 February
  6. Webinar on partnership in agriculture in Africa 9 February
  7. Upcoming webinars in February
  8. SPPS meeting Svalbard 25-27 August
  9. Nordic Baltic Resistance Action Group meeting 12-14 April
  10. Plant-based proteins for health and wellbeing (PAN Sweden)
  11. PlantLink-supported NKJ virtual workshop on crop resilience 14-15 April
  12. Summer MSc course and Job Fair in Alnarp in August
  13. Virtual Oikos meeting 9-10 February
  14. MariboHilleshög Research are looking for new coworkers.
  15. PhD position Copenhagen – Biodiversity of restored wetlands
  16. Postdoc position salt marshes- deadline 29 January
  17. PhD thesis defence Sophie Brouwer, SLU Alnarp 29 January
  18. Researcher in the Spotlight – Kristina Karlsson Green!

1. PlantLink’s new motto

We have a new motto! Based on discussions in the steering committee and evaluation of PlantLink during December we have come up with the new motto: PlantLink – strengthening plant research, education, and innovation in Southern Sweden for a sustainable society. We believe this better reflects our current role as a research network in the region

2. PlantLink 10 years!

This year PlantLink is turning 10 years! We will celebrate this in several ways. Here we have a new post on all our activities during the last 10 years! Save the date for the climax of the 10 year celebrations with a special PlantLink day on the 27th of September looking backwards but mostly forward – where is plant science in the region in 2030?

3. PlantLink Teacher exchange

Don’t forget our PlantLink teachers’ exchange where PlantLink can cover the lecture time if you do an LU-SLU exchange! Thank you to those of you who will have an exchange between courses! If there are more initiatives, please send your suggestions to

4. Coming up – network presentations

During the spring we will also initiate a Zoom lunch series where different networks and organisations active in plant research in the region will be able to present themselves. Do you represent an organisation or network related to plant research that you would like to present, contact us! More information to come.

5. Workshop remote sensing and plant phenotyping

Workshop on the interface between remote sensing and plant phenotyping on 10 February 2021, more information here

6. Webinar on partnership in agriculture in Africa

Join the webinar “Africa’s Compelling Case for a Different Mode of Partnership in Agricultural Research and Development”, 9 February, 14.00 CET. More information here.

7. Upcoming webinars in February

We continuously compile updates on upcoming webinars in February here.
There are already a few listed, check this link for more to come!

8. SPPS meeting Svalbard 25-27 August

Don’t miss the next SPPS meeting on Svalbard, 25-27 August (or online)!

9. Nordic Baltic Resistance Action Group meeting 12-14 April

The next meeting with NORBARAG (Nordisk Baltic Resistance Action Group) will take place on 12-14 April. The meeting will cover different aspects of pesticide resistance, especially, in the light of spreading resistance among pathogens, pests and weeds. Discussion will take place in three sub-groups (fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides). 

Please use this link to register no later than Friday, 2th April 2021. For registered users we will send a zoom link to their e-mail a few days before Norbarag takes place. 

There is no registration fee. 
Topics include: 

• Resistance screening and monitoring 

• Resistance risk assessment and management 

• Resistance management guidelines for the growers 

• New products on the market 

• Harmonization of the pesticide efficacy evaluation procedures and pesticide label 

10. Plant-based proteins for health and wellbeing (PAN Sweden)

This new national research centre, coordinated by Örebro University, is set to study the entire chain – from food production to people’s wellbeing – when it comes to proteins of plant origin. For this, the centre has been granted SEK 48 million from the Swedish research council Formas. 

In addition to Örebro University, the participating partners are SLU, Chalmers, RISE, Uppsala university, The Swedish Food Federation, Max Hamburgare, Orkla, Örebro municipality, County Örebro, Lantmännen, Lyckeby, Many Ways, Biogaia, GE Healthcare, ICA and Coor Facility management.

11. PlantLink-supported NKJ virtual workshop on crop resilience 14-15 April

Resilient Northern Crops Network (NordCrop) presents its first webinar on abiotic stress. Sign up here for this event supported by PlantLink. A tentative program is given here.

12. Summer MSc course and Job Fair in August in Alnarp 2021!

Join the summer MSc course”Host Plant Resistance Breeding as a part of Integrated Pest Management”, 3.0 ECTS, 17-21 August at campus Alnarp!

Registration for applications opens on 19 February and closes on 15 March. Find more information here.
The course will be followed by the ESCAPAdE Job Fair for MSc students, PhDs and Post Docs organized the 23-24 August also at SLU Alnarp. If you are a company representative and would like to join the job fair, please contact Erik ( or Sofia (

13. Virtual Oikos meeting 9-10 February

Welcome to the annual virtual Oikos Meeting 9-10 February 2021. We have 4 excellent keynote speakers 20 additional presentations. This is a fantastic opportunity to present your work to a wide general audience, particularly for PhD students that have been missing opportunities to participate in conferences during 2020!

Registration will be mandatory but free of charge.

Membership in the Swedish Oikos Society is recommended. Register as a member at our home page.

Deadline for registration is February 7.

14. MariboHilleshög Research are looking for new coworkers.

If you are interested in plant breeding and are looking for new opportunities now is the chance. MariboHilleshög is a sugar beet breeding company breeding varieties for the whole globe and with the headquarters for Research and Development in Landskrona, Sweden.

Two new breeding assistants are needed in the team and if you are interested look out for the advert coming soon on You can also reach out to Head of Breeding joakim.herrströ

15. PhD position Copenhagen – Biodiversity of restored wetlands

PhD position in Biodiversity of restored wetlands, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen on Biodiversity and climate gas exchange commencing 01.04.2021 or as soon as possible thereafter.

You can read more about the recruitment process at
For specific information about the PhD scholarship, please contact the principal supervisor Associate Professor, Hans Henrik Bruun,, Direct phone: +45 35 32 12 11. General information about PhD programmes at SCIENCE is available here.

16. Postdoc position plant ecology- deadline 29 January

We are searching for plant ecology candidates for a 2-yer postdoc position on the role of nordic boreal coastal meadows (“saltmarshes”) for regulating ecosystem services, primarily shoreline protection and carbon trapping. Deadline: 29 January, find more information here.

17.  PhD thesis defence Sophie Brouwer, SLU 29 January

29th of January, 9.00, Sophie Brouwer, Dpt of Plant Protection Biology at SLU Alnarp, defends her thesis “A Tale of two Blights“. Opponent is Professor Kristina Gruden, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenien.

18.  Researcher in the Spotlight – Kristina Karlsson Green!

Read the interview with Kristina Karlsson Green, SLU Alnarp,  here

Photo by Mary from StockSnap