Upcoming webinars February

Many seminars have moved online due to the pandemic, giving you the opportunity to attend interesting seminars from your office or home. We are doing our best to collect interesting webinars here, and are updating the post as soon as we get information about new ones. So check in regularly as the list of webinars keeps growing, and help us keep it updated by sending information about webinars from your network to PlantLink coordinator Sofia Marmon.

February the 9th PlantLink co-hosts the webinar “Africa’s Compelling Case for a Different Mode of Partnership in Agricultural Research and Development”. The webinar is given by Dr Tsedeke Abate from Homegrown Vision at 14.00-15.15

A plant protection day with potatoes in sole focus is organized by SLU the 10th of February. The day is in Swedish, and link to registration and information is found here.

A “Workshop on the interface between remote sensing and plant phenotyping” is held the 10th of February. More info can be found on NordPlants homepage. Last day for registration is the 5th of February.

18th of February at 13:00 Dr. Louise Holmquist gives a seminar on Rhizoctonia resistance breeding at MarioboHilleshög. The seminar will discuss screening using multiple QTLs, QTLs coupled to yeild drag and the use different phenotyping platforms. Link to the SLU zoom seminar is found here (code, only numerals 9 9 8 1 0 3).

February 25, 14:00 – 15:30 there is a SLU Crop Production Ecology Seminar. Title is “Raising the pulse of cropping systems;
Constraints and opportunities for legume production in Northern Europe”. Zoom link to the seminar is found here.

The newly launched IPBO project Plant B+B (Plant Breeding and Biotechnology) announces its first bimonthly webinar, to be held Feb 26, 2:00 PM. In this webinar named “Green Enlightment” Marc Van Montagu will talk about Science as a fundamental tool to understand life in general and human societies in particular. More info and registration can be found here.

PlantLink also shares information about upcoming events on our Facebook page and Twitter. Please contact us if you host or know of a seminar/webinar that we should tell the PlantLink community about.