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PlantLink News Summer 2015

  1. Report from Fascination of Plants Day, 23 May
  2. Swedish Experimental Plant Science Symposium, 13 Aug
  3. Research grants from the Crafoord Foundation
  4. Lantmännen buys part of CropTailor
  5. PlantLink Researcher in the Spotlight!
  6. Plant-related news in the region
  7. PlantLink activities 2015

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PlantLink PhD industrial mentorship programme visit to Copenhagen

27 May 2015

In 2014/15, PlantLink is running an industrial mentorship programme for PhD students in the plant and agricultural area. The programme hosts five pairs of PhD students and mentors coming from Lantmännen, Syngenta, DuPont and the Nordic Genetic Resource Centre.

On 27 May, PlantLink arranged for a study visit to the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (CPSC) and the Taastrup field station. The visit to CPSC started with presentations by some of the Young Investigators employed last year. Mathias Pribil described his photosynthesis research on the modulation of the thylakoid membrane folding. The research of Fernando Geu-Flores is focusing on pathways of secondary metabolite biosynthesis in medicinal plants. Stephan Wenkel gave some highlights from the role of microproteins in the transcriptional regulation of leaf development. After the presentations, a tour of the technical facilities, mainly chromatography and mass spectrometry, was offered.

The greenhouse facilities at Højbakkegård in Taastrup, about 30 min west of Copenhagen, consist of 26 greenhouse units and 15 growth chambers of varying size. The PlantLink mentorship programme was offered a tour of the facilities, which included equipment for root studies in the field and the Plant Phenolab, a fully automated, high throughput phenotyping platform.


Fascinerande Växters Dag 2015

25 May 2015

Fascinerande växters dag är ett återkommande internationellt arrangemang som först lanserades 2012 av forskare inom ämnesområdet växtbiologi. I samband med detta arrangerade PlantLink en välbesökt tältutställning i Lunds Botaniska trädgård lördag 23 maj kl 11-15. Bokbord, tipsrunda, gröna tak, blodersättningsmedel, snygga postrar, "gissa fröet" och mycket mer stod på schemat.

Vi gratulerar Christer Landenhed, Lund som vann tipsrundan med nio rätt och belönas med ett presentkort på Plantagen! De rätta svaren hittar ni här. Antalet rapsfrön i tuben till skiljefrågan var 7644.


PlantLink News May 2015

  1. Report from workshop Genomic selection 16 April
  2. Report from Oat Centre start-up meeting 22 April
  3. Seminar 7 May: The SITES infrastructure including the Lönnstorp field station
  4. Welcome to Fascination of Plants Day, 23 May
  5. Available postdoc position at the Department of Plant Breeding, SLU Alnarp
  6. Research group at SLU in Alnarp successfully used site-directed mutagenesis in potato
  7. PlantLink Researcher in the Spotlight!
  8. Plant-related news in the region
  9. PlantLink activities 2015

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