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What are the future directions for plant science and entrepreneurship in the Greater Copenhagen Region? Can we use our prior experiences to uncover repeating patterns that will guide us forward? The preliminary theme for this year’s PlantLink Day is “Bridging the Past and Future of Plant Science”. Join us on December 5 in Lund, from 12:00 to 17:00!

As always, PlantLink welcomes students, teachers, researchers and the general public, both from the public and private sectors. The event is free.

The program is still under development; however, you can already now look forward to hearing about our plant and agricultural past from paleobotany experts Vivi Vajda (Naturhistoriska riksmuseet) and Karl Ljung (Lund University). The speakers will be joined by leaders and presentations of PlantLink’s Focus Groups on four themes that PlantLink’s researchers have voted as the most crucial for the future regional advancement of plant science:

  • Preserved biodiversity and reduction of pesticide use in agriculture
  • Advancing plant bioinformatics, agri-tech and crop phenotyping in AI-driven transformation
  • New ways for research and development in global food security and climate change
  • Bioeconomy and circularity linked to agriculture production

We will investigate the future of plant science development in the region through a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. The day will consist of keynote speeches, presentations, panel discussions and much more. Stay tuned!

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