Upcoming webinars September – October

Many seminars and conferences have moved online this year giving you the opportunity to attend interesting seminars from your office or home. Here are some webinars coming up in September and October.

Beyond a Single Reference Genome – The Advantages of Sequencing Multiple Individuals, 16th September

PlantED keeps an updated list over webinars related to plant genome editing, including links to each webinar and a smal description of most of them. Add this PlantED list to your bookmarks if this is part of your research interest! The list currently contains 8 different webinars etc. in September and October. The first ones being:

Agrifood Law Seminar, 18th September

European Research and Innovation Days 22-24 September

Plant Biotechnology in sub-Saharan Africa – technology transfer and new policies, 23 and 24 September 2020

and One CGIAR Global Webinar Series: Genome Editing in Agriculture – Innovations for Sustainable Production and Food Systems, 22 and 29 September, 6, 13 and 20 October

We also want to draw your attention to the PlantLink day 14th of October, that will also go online this year. More info about that will be updated shortly!

PlantLink also shares information about upcoming events on our Facebook page and Twitter. Please contact us if you host or know of a seminar/webinar that we should tell the PlantLink community about.