Upcoming webinars December-January

Many seminars have moved online this year giving you the opportunity to attend interesting seminars from your office or home. We are doing our best to collect interesting webinars here, and are updating the post as soon as we get information about new ones. So check in regularly as the list of webinars keeps growing, and help us keep it updated by sending information about webinars from your network to PlantLink coordinator Sofia Marmon.

3rd of December 13.30-15.00 the Linnean Center for Plant Biology in Uppsala gives the webinar Brachypodium distachyon: a new model to understand plant genome evolution in changing environment by Prof. Anne Roulin from the University of Zurich. The seminar focus on how scpecie can be used to investigate the impact of TEs on genetic diversity and evolution in a natural plant system.

4th of December 9.00 Hampus Petrén, LU, will defend his PhD thesis The evolutionary ecology of plant reproductive diversity and floral signals : Mating system and floral scent in Arabis alpina. Opponent: Prof. Scott Armbruster, Univ. Of Portsmouth, UK och Univ. of Alaska, Fribanks, USA. The defence can be followed over zoom.

10th of December 13.00-14.30 Formas, Naturvårdsverket and Rymdstyrelsen will hold an information seminar (in Swedish) on the upcoming Partnership on biodiversity, where they will present the Strategic Research Agenda in the area. You can sign up here.

10th of December 14.30 there is a “BT-seminar” by Maria Ernfors titled Nitrous oxide emissions associated with plant residues.

11th of December 13.00 Oscar Nilsson, SLU, defends his PhD thesis Establishment and growth of Scots pine and Norway spruce: a comparison between species. Opponent: Professor Douglas F Jacobs, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, USA. The defence can be followed over zoom.

15th of December 13.00-15.30 a zoom webinar launches the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV) 2021, as proclaimed by the UN General Assembly.  Registration for the webinar can be done here.

15th of Decmber 14.00 Julia Darlison, SLU, will defend her PhD thesis Microbial Community Dynamics in the Phyllosphere of Leafy Vegetables. Opponent: Professor Johan Leveau, University of California, Davis, California, USA. The defence can be followed over zoom.

16th of December 14.00 Department of Forest Ecology and Management and collaboration with SSFRC hosts a seminar with Hjalmar Laudon. Title to be anounced.

17th of December 17.00 is the next Speaking of Oats seminar. Steve Harrison (LSU, USA), Mónica Mathias (INIA, Chile), and Liliana Wehrhahne (INTA, Argentina) will talk to us about the International Oat Nursery.

26th of January, 10.30-12.00 the Members of the European Parliament Jessica Polfjärd and Erik Bergkvist are hosting a webinar on “Genome editing and the Farm to Fork strategy”. The webinar will discuss the potential of genome editing to contribute to the F2F objectives, the current regulatory landscape for GMOs, and future governance options. Link and registrations information can be found here.

29th of January, 9.00, Sophie Brouwer, Dpt of Plant Protection Biology at SLU Alnarp, defends her thesis “A Tale of two Blights“. Opponent is Professor Kristina Gruden, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenien.

29th of January 14.30 Blaž Klobučar, Dpt of landscape architecture, planning and management at SLU Alnarp, will give his final seminar “Residential Urban Forest Assessment Methodologies – A Management Perspective”. Opponent is Professor Tenley Conway, Department of Geography, University of Toronto, Canada. Link will be updated.

PlantLink also shares information about upcoming events on our Facebook page and Twitter. Please contact us if you host or know of a seminar/webinar that we should tell the PlantLink community about.