Udda Lundqvist, 1928-2020

Udda Lundqvist passed away December 26th, 2020, at the age of 92 years. A remarkable 70 years scientific career has ended. She was a pioneer working with a determined mind. Her goal was to map genes of domesticated barley, and explore how genetic changes, mutations, can be of use in plant breeding.

To honor the memory of Udda Lundqvist and her significant research achievements, it is suggested that we together, friends and colleagues, start a fund in her name. Udda was a warm enthusiast and supporter of the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund. She received financial support during many years for her research from the Society, and she was proud to be a member. A fund administered by the Society, donations and returns, can be used to support research and dissemination of knowledge in her spirit, should honor the memory of Udda.

More information on Udda Lundquist and fund here