The winners of the ELLS Plant Health Grand Challenges competition!

PlantLink cordially congratulates the two MSc student winners of the ELLS Plant Health Grand Challenges competition – Jarmila Šimková and Oussama Yahmi. As the winners they get conference fee, travel and hotel covered to attend this summer’s big plant health event, the International Congress in Plant Pathology in Lyon France! Almost a full week of plant science with not less than 50 sessions to choose from!

Jarmila comes from Slovakia, is almost 24 years old, and currently finishing her master’s degree at Hohenheim University in environmental science. Being interested in nature and how people interact with it led her to choose her paths — sometimes literally, because she likes to sleep outside in the mountains during warm summer nights. She wishes to live to a day when the human-induced climate change will no longer be a threat to any form of life on Earth.

Oussama is a 26-year-old master student. He holds a master’s degree in Genetic Resources and Plant Production. For a couple of years, he has worked as an Agronomic Supervisor, which allowed him to gain valuable experience in the field. However, his unwavering passion for knowledge and learning has led him back to academia to pursue another Master’s degree in Plant Health in sustainable cropping system, and from this fall he will study at l’instut Agro in Montpellier, as part of the same Erasmus program. By combining the fields of crop production and crop protection, I aim to contribute towards ensuring a sustainable and abundant food supply for the future