Summer students with PlantLink and Forskningsnätet Skåne

PlantLink and Forskningsnätet Skåne continues their collaboration and have this year had 4 students doing summer stipends for two weeks each at different research groups with plant related research.

Robin Persson from St Petri Skola in Malmö participated in the work at the resistance biology unit at Deparment of Plant Protection, SLU Alnarp. Together with Linnea Stridh, Murilo Sandroni and Sajeevan Sivarajan he did field scoring and molecular labs around potato early and late blight infection.

Rend Mahde, Hajird Jawad and Quyen Bui participated in work within ScanOats at the Division of Pure and Applied Biochemistry at LTH. Together with Jose Alfredo Zambrano and Olof Larsson at CropTailor they did field work removing oat with disease (svartsot), and basic analyses of oat including thousand kernel weight and NIR to determine protein content.

After the summer the students (including students with summer stipends in research areas not related to plants) met together with representatives from Forskningsnätet Skåne and PlantLink and presented their work, and their experiences from two weeks in a research group.