Snowy visit at MAXIV and ESS!

This year’s annual Copenhagen Plant Science Center (CPSC) and PlantLink joint workshop was hosted by MAXIV and ESS. This was a chance to learn more about the new MaxIV and ESS facilities and to interact with researchers associated to PlantLink or working at MaxIV, ESS and CPSC. 50 plant researchers from around the Öresund strait were welcomed in the morning by the Life Science director of MAXIV, Tomas Lundqvist.

This was followed by presentations by Rajmund Mokso (Imaging hard X-rays with focus on plants), Karina Thånell (soft X-rays) and Marianne Liebl (coSAXS and ForMAX). There was also time for a tour of the facilities. After lunch, focus shifted to ESS where Senior Advisor Sindra Petersson-Årsköld gave an overview of what will be the world’s most powerful neutron source. This was followed by Jeffrey Warren (Oak Ridge National Laboratories), who joined us via video link with the talk: ‘Application of neutron radiography to explore soil-rhizosphere-root water dynamics in situ’. During the coffee break the group could have a view of the construction work from a roof top platform overlooking the site – which this day was covered in deep snow! The day was rounded of by Edith Hammer who gave a talk on plant research and synchrotron light sources just obtained a new “MAXIV lecture” position at the Department of Biology at Lund University.

If you are interested in obtaining the presentations by the lecturers please contact Erik Alexandersson (