Postdoc Stipend in Biocontrol and the Microbiome for IPM in potato at SLU Alnarp

Genomics approaches to understanding the effects of
disease control on microbial communities in the agro-ecosystem.

The aim of this postdoc training project is to study the diversity and
composition of the soil microbial community from potato fields treated either
with standard synthetic fungicide mixtures or with our biological control
agents alone or in combinations with other low risk compounds. We will
examine whether these treatments have a positive or negative effect on soil
health and specifically what the effects of both plant pathogens and living
biocontrol agents and their effectors are on the soil microbiome. We will also
study how best to combine biocontrol agents and low risk compounds both in
controlled conditions and in field trials for effective control of potato late
blight and potato early blight.

The post doc will join a dynamic multidisciplinary team of approximately 16
researchers within the Integrated Plant Protection unit at the Department of
Plant Protection Biology, studying biological control, pests,

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