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Sign up for PlantLink Day, UNIX and PhD courses and more in PlantLink News September 2017!

  1. Last chance to register for the PlantLink Day, 4 October in Alnarp!
  2. UNIX course 20-22 November!
  3. Formation of a Nordic Neonectria network
  4. Plant Breeding money from the Swedish government
  5. Magne Friberg, new Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology, LU
  6. 3rd annual Nordic Plant Phenotyping workshop, Båstad, November 22-23, 2017
  7. PhD course: ”Aspects of quality: raw material, processing and final product” 6th-17th November
  8. Two upcoming plant NOVA courses in 2018!
  9. PlantLink summer high-school researchers on national radio!
  10. Upcoming meetings and events: Prof Susanne Renner 12 October and more!


**Last chance Register for the PlantLink Day, 4 October in Alnarp!**

The annual PlantLink Day 2017 starts with lunch Wednesday 4 October at SLU Alnarp. During the lunch there will also be a poster session with previous PlantLink seed money projects. The themes this year will be Oat genomics based on the initiation of SSF ScanOats Industrial Research Centre and Plant research history in the Öresund region since SLU celebrates its 40 and LU its 350 years anniversary! As usual it is a great opportunity to meet other plant scientists in the region. Sign up here latest 1 October to ensure participation and free lunch!


**UNIX course 20-22 November!**

It is time for a third round of the very popular course “Introduction to UNIX for biologists” will be given 20-22 November in Lund. The aim of the course is to provide the basic tools needed for working with biological data and to be able to approach more advanced bioinformatic software. The target audience is researchers on all levels with no or little UNIX experience. There is a limited number of places.

More information here and register here!


**Formation of a Nordic Neonectria network**

Climate change resulting in milder winters and increased precipitation, leads to increased outbreaks of canker diseases caused by Neonectria spp. in the Nordic countries. SNS have decided to finance a network which aims to enable proper management of the infection and reduce the loss of income in forestry and horticulture. Larisa Gustavsson (SLU Alnarp) is one of the participants in this network. Learn more here!


**Plant Breeding money from the Swedish government**

You might have seen the exciting news from the Swedish government on the plan for an investment in a competence center in plant breeding hosted by SLU. Suggested funding is 20 million the first year, 30 million the second year, 40 million the third year and then to make it permanent. More in Swedish here.


**Magne Friberg, new Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology, LU**

Magne Friberg research interest is in processes that have made plants and plant-feeding insects two of the most diverse and abundant groups of organisms on earth. Much of his current research involves the evolution of plant signals, and the responses to these signals by their associated insects. His study systems include multiple plant- and insect species that form small interaction networks.


**3rd annual Nordic Plant Phenotyping workshop, Båstad, November 22-23, 2017**

The 2017 NPPN workshop will again take place at Hotel Skansen in Båstad, Sweden. The registration deadline is October 20th – more information and register here.


**PhD course: ”Aspects of quality: raw material, processing and final product” 6th-17th November**

Plant production has in recent times changed from local to global production chains. The organization of production chains demands knowledge of raw material, processing, and product quality determination to maintain high quality products. This course will give a detailed understanding of important aspects of plant product quality from agricultural and horticultural sectors both for food and non-food purposes. Some examples of the raw material, i.e. plant proteins from side streams and apple fruit, will be processed into various end-use products. Analytical methods used to assess the product quality will be described. Also, the quality aspects involving internal and external factors of the end product assessments will be in focus. For more information here or contact Faiza Rasheed, SLU.


**Two upcoming plant NOVA courses in 2018!**

Two plant-related NOVA courses will be given in the first half of 2018. First, “Future Plant Protection” is given in Uppsala 12-16 march 2018. Register and read more here.

The second NOVA course, “Phenotyping Technologies in Plant-environment Interactions – Integrated Analysis of Omics Data” is given at SLU Alnarp, 11-15 June. Registration will open soon, but please send you interest to Erik Alexandersson (SLU) already now.


**PlantLink summer high-school researchers on national radio!**

And for your weekend radio listening we recommend an interview with Ramesh Vetukuri and his high school summer student on Swedish Radio. Here you also learn a bit on Phytophthora research ongoing at SLU Alnarp. This is a student program run by Forskningsnätet Skåne, in which PlantLink has given the chance to high school students to try to be a plant scientist for six summers in a row now! (in Swedish and English)


**Upcoming meetings and events**

12 October, in Blå hallen, Ecology Building Lund: Professor Susanne S. Renner “Experiments on leaf-out and leaf senescence in woody species from across the Northern Hemisphere reveal unexpected impact of past climates” Susanne Renner holds the Chair of Systematic Botany and Mycology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany. She studies the evolution of plants and their adaptations, focusing on plant/pollinator and plant/ant interactions, phenology, sexual systems and sex chromosomes. Her research employs a combination of ecological and phylogenetic approaches. Because she is also the director of the Botanical Garden and Munich herbarium, she retains her early interest in the way we classify and name biological entities.

20-22 February 2018 Oikos 2018, Trondheim Norway.

18-21 June 2018, Plant Biology Europe arranged by FESBP and EPSO Copenhagen. The first program is now out. Submit your abstract and read more here!

Please also see Dept of Plant Breeding SLU Alnarp, the Biology Department at LU calendar and Copenhagen Plant Science Centre calendars for upcoming meetings.