PlantLink News – October 2018

October is here, with plenty of news from PlantLink. Here follows a short summary of this month’s round of PlantLink news.

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  1. No less than 17 PlantLink seed money applications received!
  2. PlantLink’s Annual report is out
  3. Report from last annual PlantLink day
  4. Interest in joining PhD/Post doc-student job fair?
  5. PhDs/Post docs: Sign up for PlantLink’s Industrial mentorship program!
  6. The PlantLink PhD/Post doc Journal Club is starting 16th of November!
  7. Updated: Find your Plant MSc project!
  8. PhD-course in Advanced Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources
  9. NOVA PhD Course in “Plant Breeding for Sustainable Plant Health Management” 27 Jan-1 Feb 2019
  10. Call for Access to European Plant Phenotyping network deadline 28 January 2019
  11. Workshop Scanoats – Oats  for sustainable agriculture 14 November
  12. National Plant Protection Conference 14-15 November
  13. Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network annual workshop, 22-23 November
  14. The 9th Lund Biology Seminar with Sabeeha Merchant 6 December
  15. SLU and Addis Ababa University in capacity building project!
  16. Two PlantLink-associated researchers have been appointed faculty professors
  17. Workshop on cross-boundary flows between aquatic and terrestrial systems Deadline 21 October
  18. PlantLink researcher in the media: Glenn Svensson
  19. Last chance to sign up for the NordPlant kick-off in Helsinki 24-25 October
  20. IgNobel prize to PlantLink-associated researchers!
  21. PlantLink researcher in the spotlight: John Yong, new professor at at SLU Alnarp and representative in the PlantLink steering committee

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