PlantLink News October

  1. Last chance to register to PlantLink annual Day 3 October 
  2. First NordPlant Annual meeting 20 November 
  3. Prof. Scott Armbruster in Lund – cancelled 
  4. Inger Åhman retirement symposium 
  5. Oystein Opedal new lecturer in Plant ecology, LU 
  6. Molecular phylogenetics course, GENECO 
  7. Statistical tools for plant phenomic data 
  8. NPPN workshop in Båstad 21 November 
  9. Microscopy methods – notification of interest 
  10. ELLS meetings 
  11. LU and SLU Alnarp at FridaysForFuture 27 sept 
  12. KSLA seminar on IPM in Alnarp 
  13. Abstract deadline for Oikos 2020 in Iceland 
  14. PlantLink’s annual report is out! 
  15. Researcher in the Spotlight: new PlantLink chair Thomas Moritz

1. Last chance to register to Plant Link annual day

Don’t forget to sign up for PlantLink’s Annual Day to be held in the Crafoord Hallen at SLU Alnarp, Thursday 3 October. We start with lunch at 12:00. This year’s theme is “Robust plants for future climates – research, application and policy”. Invited speakers are Eric Jules (INRA Montpellier), Frank Van Breusegem (VIB Ghent), Olivier Van Aken (LU), Tomas Germundsson (LU) and Vandasue Rodrigues Saltenis (University of Copenhagen). This is a great occasion to meet with plant researchers in the region! 

Program and registration here This is a good chance to meet the new chair of PlantLink, Thomas Moritz(UCPH/UPSC).

2. First NordPlant Annual meeting 20 November

Another big event this fall is “Tech talks for plant phenotyping in the Nordic countries – 1st NordPlant annual meeting”, Wednesday 20 November, in Lund. Invited speakers are Llorenç Cabrera-Bosquet from INRA Montpellier, Stefan Paulus from University of Göttingen, Stefan Jansson from Umeå Plant Science Center and Uno Wennergren from the AgTech 2030 initiative at the University of Linköping. Representatives from the Nordic countries will also discuss future needs for plant phenotyping in the region and companies are invited to give flash talks. The day is organized together with SLU GroGrund Phenomics. Program and registration here This day is followed by the NPPN workshop in Båstad, which is open for all on the 21st of November (

3. Presentation by Professor Scott Armbruster, Portsmouth University, in Lund

The presentation by Scott Armbruster, professor in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Portsmouth, UK and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA was cancelled due to unforeseen events.

4. Inger Åhman’s retirement symposium

 Professor Inger Åhman will be retiring soon and the Department of Plant Breeding will celebrate her successful career with a Plant Resistance Breeding symposium. The Symposium will focus on the past, present and future research within the area of plant resistance breeding.

Place: The Crafoord Hall, Alnarp

Time: 13.00-17.30

Inger Åhman was also the first PlantLink Researcher in the spotlight:

5. New Associate Senior Lecturer in Plant Ecology at Lund University Oystein Opedal.

We welcome the new lecturer in Plant Ecology to the Department of Biology, Lund University!

6. The GENECO course Molecular Phylogenetics will run at Lund University,  13-15 November 2019.

The course will be run by Prof Niklas Wahlberg & Dr Jadranka Rota.
This three day course will provide an introduction to the fundamental principals of building phylogenies using molecular data, as well as the latest techniques and programs in this field.
The aims of this course are to introduce the theory and practice of phylogenetic inference from molecular data and to provide an introduction to some of the most used methods and computer programs. The emphasis will be on model-based methods using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference, with a focus on DNA sequences as data. We will introduce programs such as IQTREE, MrBayes, as well as BEAST for timing of divergence analyses. The course will consist of lectures, demonstrations of computer programs, and independent projects on fully analysing an example dataset (either your own or given by the lecturer).
The course counts towards ECTS 1,5 points/ 1,5 hp for students.

If you have any questions about the contents of the course please contact Niklas Wahlberg:
Cost: Geneco PhD students and students/researchers enrolled at Lund University Faculty of Science free of charge. Others SEK 1500 + VAT.

Deadline for registration: 21 October 2019. You can register here!

7. Course on statistical tools for plant phenomic data analysis

Below is a link for a course at IAMZ-CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza that might be interesting for some of you. You can also see the information here:

8. Fifth annual NPPN workshop “Phenotyping in practice – experiences with phenotyping in breeding”

Sign up for the annual NPPN workshop on 21-22 November in Sweden. Confirmed keynote speakers are:

Dr. Malcolm Hawkesford, Head of Plant Science and Designing Future Wheat (ISP) Leader, Rothamsted Research, UK

Anna Brugger, Institute of Sugar Beet Research, University of Goettingen

The full program is under preparation. Link to  registration:

9. Microscopy methods in biological research, 9-13 December – notification of interest

Visualization and understanding of cellular structures and their composition is of great importance in biological research, and also for applications of bio-based materials. The course gives an overview and hands-on training on common low- and high-resolution microscopy methods. A short introduction and hands-on training of optical and electron microscopy as well as fluorescence and confocal laser scanning microscopy is included. The course is applicable for any type of biological material. Sample preparation for different types of microscopy is discussed. Special emphasis is given on how to handle plant material for microscopy. Participants can use their own material to certain extent during training sessions. Case-studies highlight how microscopy methods can be applied in research. The course is completed with a round-table discussion where the participants discuss given case studies and possible applications of microscopy in their own projects.

This PlantLink-supported PhD course is pending on interest and will be located partly in Lund University, Department of Biology, partly at SLU campus Alnarp, Department of Plant Protection Biology.

To show your interest please let course organizer Salla Marttila know:


10. ELLS General Assembly and Forum and ELLS Scientific Student Conference 

On behalf of the ELLS Conference Organizing Committee 2019, ELLS Chair of the Board kindly invites Representatives from all ELLS universities to theELLS General Assembly and Forum 2019 to be held on 14-15th November 2019 at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, campus Ultuna. Registration deadline: 15 October 2019

Registration link for the ELLS General Assembly and Forum (14-15 November 2019) and/or ELLS Scientific Student Conference  (15-16 November 2019)

ELLS SSC 2019 website:

 11. Fridays For Future Lund

This Friday, both LU and SLU Alnarp encourage staff to take part in the FridaysFor Future Climate strike in Lund. Several LU departments will give presentations at the Fridays for Future strike, and SLU Alnarp has sent out the following message:
For over a year now millions of children and young people around the world have been striking and demonstrating for the adult world to take responsibility.  
Their demand is simple: listen and act on science. These young people have now asked the adult world to show their support during the Global Climate Week on  September 20th – 27th. 
We hereby encourage all SLU staff to join and participate in the global demonstration which will be held on
27th September, at 11-13
Lund, Stortorget
Look for people with SLU-signs
If you are interested to join the Alnarp Climate group, please email Daniel Albertsson

12. KSLA seminar on IPM in Alnarp

KSLA welcomes everyone to this seminar on Integrated Pest Management in winter oilseed rape. The seminar will be moderated by Christer Nilsson and takes place on 27 November from 9.30-15.30.
Find more information and the registration form here.

13. Abstract deadline for Oikos 2020 in Iceland

Want to discuss “Ecology in the Anthropocene” in a stunning setting? Make sure you don’t miss the abstract deadline on 30 September! The Nordic Society Oikos meeting takes place in Reykjavik in March 2020. Find more information here:

14. PlantLink’s annual report is out!

Read on all the activities we have engaged in during the last year from July 2018 to June 2019 here.

15. Researcher in the Spotlight

Read the interview with New PlantLink Chair Dr. Thomas Moritz, Umeå University here!