PlantLink News June-July-August

Read about the third term for PlantLink, plans for the Job Fair and PlantLink’s 10 year celebration, open positions and more! We wish you a relaxing summer full of beautiful plants.

  1. Evaluation of PlantLink and start of 3rd and last term
  2. PlantLink and ESCAPAdE Job Fair 23-24 August
  3. Join PlantLInk’s 10 years celebration 27 September
  4. Last PlantLink lunch webinar for the semester, 16 June, and watch the other presentations online!
  5. EPSO Seminar “Post pollination development in plants”
  6. Biotron virtual tour film
  7. Pufendorf exhibition film
  8. Join NordPlant Annual meeting, 25-26 November 2021
  9. Region Skåne Horizon Europe webinar
  10. Dennis Eriksson moves on to pastures new!
  11. PhD-thesis defence Carolina Rodriguez
  12. Heliospectra is hiring!
  13. SPPS conference moved
  14. NPPN field Day moved to 2022
  15. Researcher in the Spotlight – Tina D’Hertefeldt

1. Evaluation of PlantLink and start of 3rd and last term

The second term of PlantLink (2016-2021) is coming to an end, and as part of that we have done an evaluation of our activities. For this evaluation we have taken the liberty to assign an external reviewer as well as performed individual interviews with a panel representing 16 external stakeholders to obtain a broader, and hopefully more objective, view of PlantLink’s activities. We have also taken the opportunity to summarise PlantLink’s performance and assess its influence on plant research in the southern Swedish region from the start in 2011. The full 10 year evaluation can be found here, and will also be printed and distributed.

This autumn we celebrate 10 years (read more about our 10 year celebratory PlantLink day here), and also start a third and last term of PlantLink. This term runs until the end of 2023 and will mark the end of PlantLink in its current format. PlantLink will the coming years undergo changes, and then stop as the common LU-SLU Alnarp network it until know has been known as. The plan after 2023 is for parts of PlantLink to continue, not as its own organization. But we hope that parts will continue as an integrated parts of LU and/or SLU Alnarp. We aim for PlantLink to keep being relevant, and that we will live up to our new motto, that was developed as part of the 10 year evaluation: PlantLink – strengthening plant research, education, and innovation in Southern Sweden for a sustainable society

2. PlantLink and ESCAPAdE JobFair

The MSc/PhD/post doc Job Fair “Job perspectives in Applied Plant Sciences will take place on 23-24 August at SLU Alnarp.  This hybrid event (Alnarp/Malmö and online) is an opportunity to meet and discuss career possibilities for MSc students, PhD students and postdocs in Applied Plant Sciences. A full program for the event is found here. The event will be possible to follow via the Grip meeting app. Companieswho would be interested to participate in the job fair or part of the course, please contact Sofia Marmon (

3. PlantLink 10 years ’ celebration 27 September

Welcome to celebrate 10 years of PlantLink with a themed PlantLink day on 27 September “PlantLink 10 year celebration – a look at the past 10 years and into the future”. This PlantLink Day will be in Lund, and you can find the program and registration here.

We will start the day with presentations successful initiatives in PlantLink. This includes presentations from our former Bioinformatician Estelle Wera (NBIS), successful Seed money projects , and our industrial collaborators Lantmännen. After lunch we have invited international speakers to talk about future challenges and possibilities in: “Plant-microbe interactions and their effects on the plant immune system”, Corné Pieterse (Utrecht University), “Botanical gardens and their role for food production in the future”, James Borell (Kew gardens) and “Gene editing of plants for biomanufacturing”, Julia Jansing (Maastrich University). You are warmly welcome and we hope that you join us  at this great occasion to meet with plant researchers in the region.

4. Last PlantLink lunch webinar for the semester 16 June, and watch the other presentations online!

Welcome to the last PlantLInk webinar for this term! We look forward to an interesting presentation by Thinktank Movium on 16 June, with presenters Harald Klein, Fredrik Jergmo and Anders Rasmusson.

All the recordings from the previous webinars in our series are available on our homepage. Stay tuned for a continued series next semester with a clearer international touch.

5. EPSO Seminar “Post pollination development in plants”

On 17th June 2021 at 15:00 (CET), the 4th EPSO Seminar for the Plant Science community will take place. This seminar will focus on “Post pollination development in plants”.  The seminar will be held online each third Thursday of the month at three (CET). The following three talks will explore “Post pollination development”:Prof Maria Von Korff, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

“Barley spike development under abiotic stress”

Dr Sarah McKim, University of Dundee, UK

“Growing against the grain”

Prof John Pannell, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

“A rapid transition between combined and separate sexes in flowering plants”

6. Biotron Virtual Tour film

Did you miss the NordPlant Virtual tour of the SLU Biotron? No problem, you can watch the recording here.

7. Pufendorf exhibition film

PlantLink researchers participated in producing this exhibition with art and reflections on invasive alien plants, which was part of this year’s Lund Sustainability week. The exhibition has now been taken down, but you are welcome to a digital guided tour here.

8. NordPlant Annual Day meeting, 25-26 November 2021

And if all of this was not enough we have a fantastic program for the NordPlant annual day “Successful Plant Modelling and Phenotypng for the Nordic Countries – What is Needed?” Tromsø, Norway, 25-26 November with speakers Magnus Nordborg (Gregor Mendel Institute), Katja Karppinen (UiT), Ove Nilsson (SLU), Eva Rosenqvist (UCPH), David Percival (Dalhuise university) and more! It will be preceded by facility managers’ forum, Nordic joint data standards and a PhD course in multispectral imaging. Sign up here. The event will also be online.

9. Region Skåne Horizon Europe webinar

Region Skåne is currently preparing the launch of a planning grant to support the participation of more Scanian actors in the EU’s research and innovation program Horizon Europe. Find more information and registration here.

10. Dennis Eriksson moves on to pastures new!

Dennis Eriksson, researcher at the Department of Plant Breeding, SLU Alnarp, and formerly PlantLink Coordinator, is taking up a position as Professor of Crop Functional Genomics at the Biotechnology Department, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. He will start in mid-August. In this position, he will work to reinforce the plant gene technology platform and strengthen collaborations in the Nordic region. Please do not hesitate to contact Dennis (currently if you want to know more or have any ideas for joint activities. We congratulate Dennis to his exciting new position!

11. PhD. thesis defense

On  Friday 11th  June 2021 at 13.00, Carolina Rodriguez, Dept. of Biosystems and Technology, will defend her doctoral thesis “Crop diversification across scales – implications for resource use and cropping systems sustainability”

Location: on-line on zoom  Passcode: 627471

Opponent: Professor Juha Helenius, University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Mikkeli, Finland

For more information, see Crop diversification across scales – implications for resource use and cropping systems sustainability (

12. Heliospectra is hiring!

Heliospectra is looking for a colleague to join their team! Find more information about the position here

13. SPPS congress moved

The 29th Congress of the Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society will take place on 30th of August to 2nd of September 2022! The organisors will open for (more) bookings in November, for a limited number of participants. You who have registered for the 2021 event will receive an email with options to update your booking.

14. NPPN field Day moved to 2022

This year’s Nordic Public Private Partnership Plant Phenotyping Project –

Field Day (planned for the 24 June) will be postponed to next year. More info on date and program will be sent out at a later point.

15. Researcher in the spotlight – Tina D´Hertefeldt

Read the interview on the PlantLink homepage