PlantLink and Good Food Institute are joining forces to support research on plant-based proteins

The Good Food Institute (GFI) Europe is a global nonprofit which aims to advance plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation-made foods – making sure these more sustainable foods can meet conventional meat, eggs and dairy on taste, price and convenience. 

To achieve this, GFI works with and connects scientists to conduct open-access research on some of the highest priority opportunities in sustainable proteins. For plant-based products, there is an urgent need for research on plant breeding optimisation, on better protein functionalisation and texturisation, and on improved plant fat profiles, amongst other areas. Plants may also be potent protein expression organisms for the production of key media components like growth factors for fermentation and cultivated meat.

PlantLink and GFI Europe will collaborate to promote the needed interdisciplinary cooperation by ensuring researchers in key disciplines for sustainable proteins are supported to enter, collaborate and thrive within this growing field. Read this Nature article for more info, and have a look at these useful resources, all freely accessible via the GFI Europe website

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