Plant related grants from annual calls 2018

Find plant-related granted proposals form ALU Alnarp and Lund University here.



Namn Organisation Ansökans titel Beviljat belopp
Ellinor Isgren LU Farmer organization, mobilization and political opportunities for sustainable agricultural development in Africa: Towards comparative analysis 892 000
Mahbubjon Rahmatov SLU Novel Innovative Strategies to Obtain Durable Stem and Stripe Rust Resistance in Wheat 4 304 248
Åsa Ode Sang SLU Alnarp Urban Green Infrastructure for Optimizing Long-Term Provision of Ecosystem Services: Developing a Universal Framework Under Different Cultures and Climates 1 885 955
Miriam Frida Karlsson SLU Alnarp Clean tomato – Identification, Selection and Conservation of natural enemies with pest suppression capacity focusing on the invasive tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta 2 999 253
Maj Rundlöf LU Quantifying exposure and effects of pesticides on bee to inform the integration of pollinator and pest management 2 999 304
Martin N. Andersson LU Evolution of olfaction and new targets for innovative pest insect control 2 998 470
Mikael Pontarp LU Effects of eco-evolutionary dynamics on ecosystem services in heterogeneous agricultural landscapes – novel avenues for predicting biological pest control 2 984 496
Alberto MariaCattaneo SLU Alnarp Control of fruit pests by targeting larval chemical sensing 3 109 533
Lina Herbertsson LU Beyond the banned neonicotinoids: The implications of other common pesticides for bumblebee behavior, reproduction and the delivery of important pollination services 4 151 272
Håkan Wallander LU Phosphorus efficient agriculture with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi 2 987 388
Mats Hansson LU Genetic diversity in Scandinavian barley mutants 2 979 885
Mikkl Brydegaard LU Kombinerad laser radar och genomik för utvärdering av lokal och regional spridning av barkborrer 2 956 926
David O’Carroll LU The impact of sub-lethal doses of insecticides on visual processing in pollinating insects: a new toxicological assay for unravelling sites of action, mechanisms and effects 2 998 572
Henrik G. Smith LU Landscape perspectives for efficient conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in farmland 2 994 069
Eric Clark LU Sustainable welfare and transitioning to sustainable agriculture: small-scale agroecological farming in Sweden and China 2 989 268
Peter Andersson SLU Alnarp Säker identifiering av värdväxter i en föränderlig värld 3000000
Charlotta Turner LU Högupplösande separations- och detektionsmetoder för lignin 3140000
Mats Hansson LU Identifiering av gener som bestämmer arkitekturen hos sädesslaget korn 2820000
Åsa Lankinen SLU Alnarp Växters immunitet i under fältförhållanden i relation till mikrobiell påverkan 3502000
Johan Hollander LU Ecosystem based protection of the coastal zone 2 968 887
Johannes Rousk LU Defining the microbial dependence on soil moisture and response to rewetting after drought 3 000 000
Cecilia Akselsson LU Sustainable land use – developing landscape approaches to reach the global sustainable development goals 1 988 194
Michelle Cleary SLU Alnarp Putting promise to practice: use of high throughput phenotyping technologies for early detection and monitoring of alien invasive pests and pathogens 2 999 913
Johan Stenberg SLU Alnarp Wild resources for climate resilience and pest control in strawberry 2 999 925
Selvaraju Kanagarajan SLU Alnarp Eliminating anti-nutritional factors in the rapeseed meal for both feed and food uses 3 000 000
Erland Liljeroth SLU Alnarp Combinatory IPM in Swedish potato production 2 999 841
Mariette Andersson SLU Alnarp Defining breeding targets for potato starch quantity and granule size distribution and structure by elucidating mechanisms behind starch initiation and differentiation 3 000 000
Ida Lager SLU Alnarp Characterization of rape seed DGAT enzymes, key regulators of seed oil quality and quantity 2 946 933
Henrik G. Smith LU Vad begränsar expansionen av ekologisk odling i Sverige? 11961715