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The first NordPlant annual meeting is coming up, along with interesting conferences and seminars. 
Check out openings for positions and read the interview with this month’s researcher in the spotlight, Inger Åhman!

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  • 1st NordPlant annual meeting “Tech talks for plant phenotyping in the Nordic countries”, 20 November
  • 5th Annual NPPN Workshop 2019 – “Phenotyping in practice” 
  • 2020: International year of Plant health 
  • FoodTech conference Lund, 13-14 November in Lund 
  • Mixed species forest conference Lund 
  • MCBU seminar leaf senescence 
  • Plant’s response to rain drops – Olivier van Aken 
  • Global study on biodiversity leading to higher yield 
  • Industrial breeder Postdoc Nordic Seed 
  • Position at MariboHilleshög 
  • PhD-course -omics and AI for breeding 
  • Stipend for essays – in Swedish 
  • Researcher in the spotlight – Inger Åhman

1. First NordPlant annual meeting “Tech talks for plant phenotyping in the Nordic countries”, Wednesday 20 November, in Lund is coming closer!

  1. Invited speakers are Llorenç Cabrera-Bosquet from INRA Montpellier, Stefan Paulus from University of Göttingen, Stefan Jansson from Umeå Plant Science Center and Uno Wennergren from the AgTech 2030 initiative at the University of Linköping. Representatives from the Nordic countries will also discuss future needs for plant phenotyping in the region and companies – AgroVäst, Cgrain, Heliospectra, Lunicore, SenseFarm, Solvi, Valoya, Videometer, Vultus – will give flash talks. The day is organized together with SLU GroGrund Phenomics. Program and registration here

2. Fifth Annual NPPN Workshop 2019 – “Phenotyping in practice”

There are only a few seats left for the 5th Annual NPPN Workshop 2019 – “Phenotyping in practice – experiences with phenotyping in breeding” on 21-22 November in Båstad Sweden. You can read more about the workshop and register for one of the remaining seats here: Please note that the program on 21st November, is open for all interested, while 22nd November is a closed event for project partners only.

3. 2020: International year of Plant health

We are gearing up for the UN’s international year of Plant Health (IYPH) which is kicked off in Rome 2 December. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how PlantLink should highlight this, let us know. We will help and contribute to this yearlong event. More information to come!

4. FoodTech conference in Lund, 13-14 November in Lund

Don’t miss Food Science Sweden’s annual conference 13-14 November in Lund and Alnarp, on this theme!

Meet up-to-date technology through PhD students, experienced scientists and representatives from the industry. Take part in exciting talks, demonstrations and discussions on the subject of food tech.

From the programme:
Food Tech in a systems perspective
Plant health and breeding in food science
Health trends create business opportunities
Customer driven food choices and impact on technologies

Registration and information

PhD students are particularly welcome.

For further information, contact Lena Ekelund Axelson.

5. Mixed species forest conference SLU in Lund

Welcome to this conference on 25-27 March 2020 in Lund!

Mixed forests are strategic means of adapting forest management to climate change. Higher tree species diversity is expected to provide higher productivity, higher temporal stability, lower risk of biotic and abiotic disturbances and a more diverse portfolio of ecosystem services from forests. Although the knowledge base concerning the ecology of mixed forests has increased during the last decades, almost all forest research has been conducted in monocultures. As a result, there is a lack of knowledge about how to design and manage mixed forests, to sustain production and carbon sequestration, and mitigate abiotic and biotic risks. It is our expectation that this conference will be an arena for discussion and communication between researchers from different disciplines, and also between managers and policy makers. Our main objective is thus to communicate the state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in various fields connected to both mixed forest functioning and management.

Find information about registration and the program here

6. MCBU seminar on leaf senescence, Lund

Allan Rasmusson welcomes everyone to the MCBU-Seminar “When should I die? – The molecular control of leaf senescence initiation” by Olivier Keech, Umeå University

Location and time: 7th Nov, 15.15, Biology Building Lecture Hall 
Sölvegatan 35, Lund

You can read more about Olivier Keech and his research here

7. Plant’s response to raindrops – Olivier van Aken

How do plants respond to rain drops? Read more (in Swedish) or read the article in PNAS:

8. Global study on biodiversity leading to higher yield

The link between biodiversity and agricultural yield is a complex and timely issue. Read more about a recent, global joint LU and SLU publication here (in Swedish), or read the article published in Science Advances.

9. Industrial breeder Postdoc Nordic Seed

Industrial postdoc (breeder) position in hybrid 6-row winter barley at Nordic Seed. We are looking to appoint at earliest possibility a post doc with insight in plant genetics for a fulltime position that is partly cereal breeding and partly plant quantitative genetics. For more information contact Ahmed Jahoor by phone +45-29134757 or by email

10. Position at MariboHilleshög

Role description: The Genetic Project Lead is responsible for deployment of genetic technologies in our sugar beet breeding programs, leading to improved performance of MariboHilleshögs germplasm and development of competitive materials with superior performance. The Genetic Project Lead will participate in germplasm development projects, together with plant breeders and applied scientists.

Welcome to an old company with strong ownership and innovative research for the future.

Employer: MariboHilleshög Research AB
Where: Landskrona
Scope and day of admission: Full time with start as agreed
Last day for application::  2019-12-01
If you have any questions about the role profile please contact Joakim Herrström,                  
0418-43 72 06. If questions regarding the recruitment process please contact Human Resources; Jean Lundin.
Send you application with CV and a personal letter to
We will make a continuous selection, so send you application as soon as you have the opportunity.

11. Apply for PhD course  “Accelerating climate resilient plant breeding by applying –omics and artificial intelligence” (3 ECTS)

@_SLU  Alnarp 20-24 April 2020. More information and sign up for the course here:

12. Stipend for essays (in Swedish)

Uppsatsskrivare, se hit! Jorden och skogen behöver dig.

Landshypotek Bank har ett årligt uppsatsstipendium för studenter med intresse för de gröna näringarna. Syftet är att uppmärksamma och uppmuntra den yngre generationens intresse för det svenska lantbruket och dess framtid. Prissumman på 10 000 kronor går till en student som med nya idéer och perspektiv bidragit till att utveckla ny kunskap för svenskt lantbruk.

Här kan du läsa mer här om stipendiet och dess kriterier.

Sista ansökningsdag är den 31 mars.

13. Researcher in the Spotlight – Inger Åhman, SLU Alnarp

Read Professor Inger Åhman’s reflections on a fruitful and impressive career in this month’s Researcher in the Spotlight here