MSc/PhD-course “Plant Protection Biology to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals”, August 3 – 14 2020, Pieve Tesino, Italy

The increasing environmental awareness, to some extent induced by the increasing number of reports on global climate change, has and will have a large impact on management of future cropping systems, especially concerning plant protection. The overall objective of this course is to give students from different subject areas (e.g. ecology, entomology, nematology, plant breeding, molecular biology etc.) a deeper understanding of challenges and constraints in relation to modern plant protection in different systems. Different protection strategies will be set in relation to the 17 UN’s sustainability goals.

To account for the expected diversity of student backgrounds and to make sure that they are on a comparable scientific level in the management strategy discussions, some lectures in the beginning will be devoted to introducing the fundamental aspects of the topic. The lecturers will be asked to give a brief basic introduction to the subject area and then to move on and end with the latest results (will also be discussed during the literature seminars). 

Note that this can be taken as a whole (7ECTS) or for MSCA-ITN Protecta students only as a 5 ECTS course. To cover accommodation, field trips and food which is included there is a charge of €500 for the whole course or €450 for the 5 ECTS shorter version.

Preliminary schedule


A maximum of 30 students will be admitted with priority for SLU, Protecta and ELLS-associated students.

Organisers: LTV-faculty SLU Alnarp, MSC-ITN PROTECTA, and ELLS

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