Kenneth Fredlund 1963-2023 

Kenneth Fredlund passed away on the 18th of January, 2023, after some time of progressive illness. 

Kenneth studied biology at Lund and completed an excellent PhD on respiratory processes in the Department of Plant Physiology at Lund University in 1996. He was thereafter a long-term associate of the sugar beet research unit in Hilleshög, Landskrona (now DLF Beet Seed AB). Kenneth’s knowledge about sugar beet physiology and culture was close to universal – Knowledge that he shared to support projects across the organisation. His enthusiasm for science, his cheerful and supportive personality made him an appreciated fellow scientist.

Kenneth also mastered technology all the way from the pipette to the tractor and had a leading role in improving beet seed technology to the highest standard. He was also central to several collaborative projects with researchers in Lund and Alnarp, including PlantLink-sponsored seed projects and follow-up projects. 

Our thoughts go to his family and we are grateful for the inspirational contributions Kenneth made, especially to the regional development of plant research and development. 

Written by Kenneth’s former colleagues, Allan Rasmusson and Mats Levall