Join us for the Fascination of Plants Day 18 May in Lund!

We will celebrate this year’s Fascination of plants day on the 18 of May with a seminar with the theme is ”Plants to the rescue? Roles of plants to mitigate climate change”. This will be an open meeting in Lund from 15:00 in Blå Hallen in the Ecology building (Sölvegatan 37) where we hope to attract students and those interested. The invited speakers are Marie Nyman, retiring Chief Secretary of the Swedish gene technology advisory board, Eva Johansson, director of SLU Grogrund, Martin Sykes, professor emeritus in plant ecology, and Eva Tornberg, professor emeritus and founder of Veg of Lund. Moderator: Peter Sylwan

It is also a great chance to come and coffee mingle with our incoming director, Federico Gomez, and maybe also our new coordinator!

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15:00 Coffee and cake

15:30 Discussion moderated by Peter Sylvan

16:30 Mingle with drinks in the foyer