PlantLink Day 2017

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Please mark your calendars for the next PlantLink Day which will start with lunch Wednesday the 4 October at SLU Alnarp. The themes will be around Oat genomics and plant research history in the Öresund region (SLU celebrates 40 this year and LU 350!). As usual it is a great opportunity to meet other plant scientists in the region.

Program PlantLink Day 2017

4 October 12.00-16.30, Crafoord hall, Navet, Sundsvägen 14, Alnarp

12:00-13:00        Lunch (if registered) and poster session

13:00-13:10        “Where are we now? PlantLink 17 seed money projects later”, Erik Alexandersson

13:10-13:55        “Expeditions in oat genome assembly” Jessica Schlueter, University of North Carolina Charlotte

13:55-14:15        “Molecular insights and functional genomics in oat” Åsa Grimberg, SLU

14:15-14:30        “ScanOats” Leif Bulow, LU

14:30-14:50        “Putting genomics to work in practical oat breeding” Alf Ceplitis, Lantmännen

14:50-15:20        Coffee and poster session

15:20-16:00        “Wilhelm Johannsen (1857–1927), Plant Breeding and the Pure Line Concept”, Staffan Müller-Wille, University of Exeter

16:00-16:20        “Natural history museums as research infrastructure”, Niklas Wahlberg, LU

16:20-16:30        “PlantLink’s last year and final remarks”, Tina D’Hertefeldt


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