NordPlant annual meeting

Event Details

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Fourth NordPlant annual meeting in Lund, presenting the theme “Envirotyping for plant breeding and precision agriculture” in conjunction with Göte Turesson’s jubilee commemorating 100 years since the term Ecotype was coined.

Invited speakers:

  • Antoine Harfouche (UNITUS): “Leveraging Explainable Artificial Intelligence to Advance Plant Phenomics Research and Decisions
  • Jose Luis Araus Ortega (University of Barcelona), TBA
  • Fred Stoddard (University of Helsinki): Fitting faba bean for high-latitude farming
  • Therese Bengtsson (SLU): Pre-breeding for adaptation of spring barley to Northern latitudes
  • Nasir Uddin (Husqvarna group) AI and data science in a forest, green space and garden outdoor equipment company

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