Course Lund: Introduction to Unix

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Introductory course to using the UNIX environment and to using the UNIX-terminal for processing biological data.

This course is organized by the national bioinformatics infrastructure NBIS in collaboration with Geneco and PlantLink.

The terminal interface in UNIX, the environment on which the operating systems Linux and Mac are built, is a central tool for processing and managing biological data. It inherently provides a variety of programs and commands for performing text-file manipulation, and is frequently the main platform for more advanced bioinformatic tools. Large processing clusters like UPPMAX are also often based on a UNIX environment. Basic knowledge of how to navigate, manage data and perform data processing in UNIX is a highly useful and versatile skill for anyone working with biological data.

This course allows for a limited number of participants, and places will be filled primarily on a first-come-first-serve basis. Researchers on all levels (PhD students, post-docs, PIs) are welcome to attend. It is organised in collaboration with Geneco and NBIS.

For more information contact Jakob Willforss