PlantLink News September 2017

PlantLink News September 2017!

  1. Register for the PlantLink Day, 4 October in Alnarp!
  2. The brand new PlantLink website is launched!
  3. UNIX course 20-22 November!
  4. PlantLink in the spotlight at SEB Gothenburg and SPPS Naantali!
  5. EPSO general meeting in Helsinki
  6. EMPHASIS meeting in Gothenburg
  7. Researchers and students! “A course for researchers with good business ideas”, Malmö 25-27 September
  8. PhD course: ”Aspects of quality: raw material, processing and final product” 6th-17th November
  9. First announcement of the Plant Biology Europe conference Copenhagen 18-21 June 2018
  10. Open positions in the region!
  11. DLF take-over of Syngenta in Landskrona
  12. Last chance to see Winstrups växter
  13. Upcoming meetings and events
  14. Researcher in the spotlight Olivier Van Aken 

**Register for the PlantLink Day, 4 October in Alnarp!**

PlantLink Day 2017 starts with lunch Wednesday 4 October at SLU Alnarp. The themes will be Oat genomics based on the SSF ScanOats grant awarded earlier this year and Plant research history in the Öresund region since SLU celebrates 40 this year and LU 350 years! As usual it is a great opportunity to meet other plant scientists in the region. Sign up here latest 1 October to ensure your free lunch!


**The brand new PlantLink website is launched!**

Finally our new, scalable homepage is launched. It is still a bit of work to do and we might not have got the yellowness of the rapeseed fields exactly right, but isn’t it nice? Or what do you think?


**UNIX course 20-22 November!**

It is time for a third round of the very popular course “Introduction to UNIX for biologists” will be given 20-22 November in Lund. The aim of the course is to provide the basic tools needed for working with biological data and to be able to approach more advanced bioinformatic software. The target audience is researchers on all levels with no or little UNIX experience. There is a limited number of places. Please contact Jakob Willforss if you are interested. 


**PlantLink in the spotlight at SEB Gothenburg and SPPS Naantali**

This summer PlantLink’s activities were presented in different talks both at Society of Experimental Biology (SEB) conference in Gothenburg 2-6 July and Nordic Plant Biology Days 16-18 August (SPPS congress) in Naantali, Finland.


**EPSO general meeting in Helsinki**

Our European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) cluster, SLUGS, was represented by Dennis Eriksson at this year’s EPSO general meeting in Helsinki, 13-14 June. Questions around EU funding, other grant bodies, policies were discussed. For more information please contact Erik Alexandersson or Dennis Eriksson.


**EMPHASIS meeting in Gothenburg**

For the first time Nordic representatives in EMPHASIS, an infrastructure project to develop and implement a pan-European plant phenotyping infrastructure, met in Gothenburg 7 July. The Swedish EMPHASIS group led by Martin Weih (SLU) has now signed a policy manifesto for EMPHASIS.


**Students and Researcher! “A course for researchers with good business ideas”, Malmö 25-27 September**

Starting in September, Medeon in Malmö gives this course aimed at students and researchers. More information here


**PhD course: ”Aspects of quality: raw material, processing and final product” 6th-17th November**

Plant production has in recent times changed from local to global production chains. The organization of production chains demands knowledge of raw material, processing, and product quality determination to maintain high quality products. This course will give a detailed understanding of important aspects of plant product quality from agricultural and horticultural sectors both for food and non-food purposes. Some examples of the raw material, i.e. plant proteins from side streams and apple fruit, will be processed into various end-use products. Analytical methods used to assess the product quality will be described. Also, the quality aspects involving internal and external factors of the end product assessments will be in focus. For more information here or contact Faiza Rasheed, SLU.


**First announcement of the Plant Biology Europe conference Copenhagen 18-21 June 2018**

Next year the bi-annual conference Plant Biology Europe arranged by FESBP and EPSO takes place in Copenhagen (18-21 June 2018). The first program is now out. Submit your abstract and read more here!


**Open positions!**

There are a number of open positions related to plant science right now at SLU Alnarp, e.g. Researcher within sustainable development of cropping systems, Professor in horticultural sciences, specialising in genetics and Post Doc in applications of Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy in Life Science

For more details, please see:


**DLF take-over of Syngenta in Landskrona**

In June Syngenta, the Swiss pesticides and seeds group announced it will sell its global sugar beet seeds business to Denmark’s DLF Seeds. This includes Syngenta’s operations in Landskrona.


**Last chance to see Winstrups växter**

When bishop Peder Winstrup dies in 1680 in Lund he was buried together with various flowers. These can now be seen until 17 September in Lund Botanical gardens.


**Upcoming meetings and events**

Please see Dept of Plant Breeding SLU Alnarp calendar and the Biology Department at LU calendar for upcoming meetings.


**Researcher in the spotlight Olivier Van Aken**

This month’s PlantLink researcher in the spotlight is Olivier Van Aken. Read more here.