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Research is one of the corner stones in Plant Link's activities. Improved knowledge of plants is necessary to secure food production, the creation of new environmentally friendly materials derived from plants and for future energy supply, both on a national and global level. An increased understanding for molecular processes in plants can be of direct use for agricultural practices and meet future demands due to climate change. Plant Link is a network that aims to mobilize plant research in Southern Sweden in response to these needs.

Plant Link consists of several senior, well-established scientific groups as well as younger promising researchers in the field of basic and applied science and focuses on activities in plant research with a clear molecular biology angle. We strive to support research with a strong tradition at the universities as well as research with regional and national importance. This includes plant interactions with abiotic and biotic stress factors, also related to post-harvest physiology. Targeted basic research as well as applied research developing plants and crops with new properties for the production of plant derived products are other important areas. More about our focus research areas here.

Plant Link wants to encourage collaborations between researchers at Lund University and SLU Alnarp, and research projects undertaken in collaboration with industrial partners. By supporting new projects with "seed money" we wish to enable them to grow into full partnerships. In 2011 five collaborative projects were supported.

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